Water/Wastewater Systems and Facilities
Water and wastewater projects are driven by engineering and know-how. Our team at C.J. Hughes has the capability in both areas. The high level of mechanical and technical expertise is critical to the successful outcome of these projects. The public works construction capacity we have at C.J. Hughes is evident in the projects we perform. Please contact us for a list of projects in these arenas.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Facility Construction

Raw water can be contaminated with natural and man-made impurities. Water treatment facilities are critical in order to purify the water for safe use by the consumer. After consumer use, wastewater facilities must also be constructed to treat the discharge in order to render it harmless to the environment.

Water and wastewater pumping stations are vital as well, to the design of most large piping systems.

Our technical expertise is unrivaled when it comes to quality installation of both potable and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as pumping stations. Attention to detail is one of the attributes setting us apart from others in the field.

Storm Water & Wastewater Systems Installation

Stormwater and wastewater collection systems are yet another vital component in today’s society. The flows from these systems are typically controlled via underground piping and pumping stations. The proper operation of these systems are essential in order to direct the discharge to facilities which ultimately help to create a positive impact to our environment.

When it comes to quality of installation, we believe that none will surpass C.J. Hughes Construction in providing professional and quality installation for any public service district, community, or owner.

Water & Sewer Pipeline Maintenance

Potable water and wastewater pipeline systems are vital components in all facets of today’s society whether on a personal, commercial, or industrial level.

It is critical to install these systems RIGHT THE FIRST TIME resulting in a smoothly operating system that requires minimal maintenance. If issues do arise, you need a contractor with an excellent understanding of piping and facility systems and the technical skills to use it. We at C.J. Hughes have years of experience under our belt to provide reliable water and wastewater systems maintenance.

Water & Wastewater Emergency Repairs

If any unforeseen event demands quick response and emergency repairs on water or wastewater systems, our crews can be available 24-7. A quick response time and the ability to think on our feet can help to quickly resolve most emergency issues that may occur.


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